Acrylic Painting Of Beaches

Acrylic Painting And Crafty Ideas

acrylic painting and crafty ideas


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  • Hi Gina,
    I really love how you have a whole section on subjects one can paint. I am not a regular painter, but i have tried painting with acrylic medium and often i would spend a lot of time searching images of subjects i wanted to paint. This page has a great collection and makes it a whole lot easier. I like your categorization overall, clear easy to understand and navigate, the header with painted pictures are amazing.The section on surfaces is cool and something new that I am definitely trying out the next time i decide to paint. All the best!

    • Hi Sashank,
      I’m happy you found my site interesting. I’m always searching for subjects to paint so I dedicated a section just for this. Thank you for stopping by and checking out the site. I hope I have inspired you to get creative!
      Have fun,

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