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Acrylic Painting And Crafty Ideas

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  • What is the best brand of sealer to use on wood over acrylic paint for outdoor? I was thinking of using the spray because I’m scared that a brush will run the red paint into the white paint but I’m unsure..

  • Hello Gina
    I enjoy the read about “Waterproofing”, certainly learn a lot from you.
    Thank you for sharing. I, now know what I can do with my wood things.
    Cheers Cheng

    • Hi Cheng, I’m happy you like my post and learned something about waterproofing so that you can protect your wood projects.

  • WOW!

    Your instructions are so simple and well put that it’s very easy to follow them. You are a real professional! I also like the layout of the page in general and the nice use of the colors.

    I am not so much into arts right now because I am concentrating on my business but probably in the future I will have more time to explore acrylic painting and the other forms of arts also 🙂

    • Hi Roope, Great! Come back when your ready to get some ideas and instructions. I hope this site can be of good use to you. Thank you.

  • I really wish I was artistic enough to do this but as an artist I am a total klutz. Is it possible to get stencils for this type of painting? I love the pictures on your site especially the first one. I’ve always admired artistic people and you are extremely artistic. You must sell a lot of these projects. Best wishes to you.

    • Hi Margaret, Thank you, and yes, there is a page in the Glass Painting Section called Free Patterns that you can print out and use to create your own paintings. That beautiful hummingbird picture was painted by konarheim. The pictures are for you to look at and get ideas to inspire you on subjects that you can paint your own pictures of. I don’t actually sell the paintings but in the future I may have some for sale.

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